Up the River #1

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Source Point Press has announced a brand new creator-owned comic book series, Up the River, with the first issue scheduled to be released in May of 2015. Up the River is a 21-issue story carefully and meticulously crafted by writer Travis McIntire. Thematically, McIntire describes it as "Huckleberry Finn meets Heart of Darkness meets Superheroes meets Joseph Campbell-style Messiah story." The story follows Syl, who as a young boy witnesses the murder of his superhero father in the streets of Third City. Years later, Syl and his younger brother Arnie set out with the crew of a river boat to take him up the treacherous Hard Silt River to find answers. "Set in a uniquely created post-apocalyptic future that is both horrific and fascinating, Up the River is an adventure story that puts a fresh twist on the idea of super-powered humans and a strong emphasis on character development," says Werner. "We're so incredibly proud to have it under the Source Point Press imprint."