Thirteen Little Hells

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From Source Point Press and the Michigan Comics Collective comes a graphic novel collection of 13 chilling stories! Not for the squeamish, that's for sure. Each of these stories is horrifying in their own right and from masters of the genre like Travis McIntire, Joshua Werner, Stephen Sharar, Peggy Christie, Greg Wright and many more! Each of the authors and artists in this volume welcome you to their own personal hell. Whether it be heavy metal-hating Sasquatch, corporate demons, masked killers, chittering bugs or even claustrophobic coal mines, there is a delectable tale of terror for everyone in Thirteen Little Hells. Stories were selected and edited by horror author/filmmaker David C. Hayes (Rottentail, Cherub) and with glorious cover art by the legendary Kirk Lindo (Vamperotica, Luxura), Thirteen Little Hells is ready to take you to the depths of your own fear... and maybe even a little farther.