Salvagers: Contagion

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(W) David Hayes (A) Stan Yak

Expanding Bob Salley's Salvagers universe, this comic is written by David C. Hayes, with artwork by Stan Yak.

Andy is the captain of, quite possibly, the worst ship in the Harrier fleet. The half-Kelanian/half-human Salvager hasn't had the best luck. After the death of his parents, Andy and his brother David, inherited the ship and went into business for themselves... and business sucks. That is only reason they agree to take the shady salvaging contract that their tech, Riggs, won in a drinking contest. Little do they know that the research vessel they board is filled with something that didn't exist a few weeks ago. Something horrible and dangerous and desparate wants to get off that ship and it plans on infesting and then killing everything in it's path. Including the crew of the The Scarecrow.